What We Do

We help aviation professionals to deliver key insights into every aspect of their operations and drive data-driven strategies forward by taking control of the cost and complexity of their business information.

We enable our clients to make better decisions by analysing multiple data sets in one easy to use cloud-based interactive dashboard. By reducing the cost and complexity of analysing data we help aviation professionals to make better decisions and understand their business better.

We empower our clients to use data analysis to drive profitability. By creating a broader perspective there is a reduction of the risk of planning as all decisions are based on a complete and detailed view of the business.

So, how do we do this?

Our cloud-based single interactive dashboard enables collaboration throughout businesses, providing one version of the truth. These key business insights can be accessed with minimal effort, cost and resource required from the client and:

  • Enable airports to find out how the passengers that are brought to them by the various airlines contribute to their profitability
  • Allow airports to monitor the performance of airlines
  • Help airports to remain profitable and competitive by attracting the right airlines
  • Determine the efficiency and profitability of airport route networks  
  • Gain valuable information that will facilitate effective negotiations between airlines and airports