London Stansted Airport

Recently acquired by Manchester Airports Group (MAG), it has remained an important factor for the team at Stansted to analyse large amounts of data from both internal systems and external sources.  With proven capability already established in other London airports, Stansted invested in a hosted Business Discovery solution with Aviation Analytics to streamline and improve their analytical capabilities within their Market Research and Route Development Departments. 


Business Intelligence drives us towards a better way of thinking, helping us understand the impact of processes and their interdependencies.
Alison Lilly

Business Pain:

Prior to working with Aviation Analytics, the research outputs from the Market Research team were not being fully utilised and there was no provision or capability to use research results intelligently around the business.

A consultancy service was used to generate reports from multiple data sources but posed many restrictions and was a huge expense to the business.  Reports were produced in hard copy and provided little or no flexibility to interrogate the data or to deliver useable business intelligence.

The Development Team were tasked with finding a suitable business intelligence solution to give the research data the functionality that was needed.

The requirement was for a quick, user-friendly Business Intelligence tool that would fulfil the need to transfer the ownership of data to individuals that needed to use it within each department.

Putting the ownership in the hands of the users would empower them to drive decisions for improvement based on factual data and analysis.

Download the London Stansted Airport case study to find out more.


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