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Do you understand the operating economics of your existing airline customers?

The Route Economics Analyser is one of several apps available for aviation analysts who would prefer to spend more time analysing and less time gathering data into spreadsheets.

Our Route Economics Analyser helps aviation professionals to understand their airline customers, which will in turn inform the planning and development of data-driven strategies.

Use the Route Economics Analyser to:

  • Understand the operating economics of your existing airline customers.
  • Calculate breakeven and profitability of existing routes on a route by route basis.
  • Look at breakeven points, fare levels and costs to calculate profitability of new routes.

With the Route Economics Analyser you can make better informed decisions about your airport or airline by:

  • Calculating route economics for any aircraft type operated by Europe‚Äôs main Low Cost Carriers for any length route within Europe.
  • Varying airport charges, fuel, and average fare to see the effect on total sector costs and cost per seat.
  • Adjusting load factors to assess the required breakeven fare for a particular cost profile.
  • Benchmarking different airlines or aircraft types on the same airline to see the differences in operating costs and breakeven market sizes.

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