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The third in our series of Airline cost reviews features Wizz Air, the Eastern-European focussed LCC. With only 68 aircraft the airline trails behind EasyJet and Ryanair in size but with 140 aircraft on order, its expansion plans are ambitious to say the least. Crucially though it is the upscaling of the average aircraft size to above 200 seats which is the interesting aspect of the airline’s future plans. With the largest aircraft coming in at 239 seats (Airbus A321 neo) the airline will enjoy even lower seat costs than it is now. With A UCI (Universal Cost Index) of 28 (the seat-cost in Euros of flying a 1-hour sector) the airline is the only European operator close to Ryanair in seat costs (Ryanair UCI is 22). With the larger aircraft and even lower seat-costs it is perfectly possible that the two airlines’ cost structures will converge as Ryanair’s costs might increase slightly as the airline gradually switches more service to busier and more expensive airports.