Operations Efficiency

Are you maximising the efficiency of your airport operations?

Our Operations Efficiency product provides an integrated view of key airport operations data in one easy to use interactive dashboard, providing powerful insights for both internal and external stakeholders.

Operations Efficiency provides details on areas such as, transactional passenger flow through security and passport control and subsequent dwell times.  This valuable information highlights the productivity and use of manpower and crucially identifies areas that are not operating efficiently.

Operations Efficiency can monitor areas, such as;

  • Transactional passenger flow through security and passport control
  • Ramp performance and hot spot identification
  • Punctuality analytics and impact on the business processes and customer satisfaction
  • Runway capacity utilisation
  • Fleet Analytics
  • Carbon footprint and sustainability trends
  • Integrated Passenger Journey insights and analytics including profiles and characteristics of key segments

Achieving an integrated view of an airport’s operational efficiency will identify areas that are performing well, areas that are underperforming and areas that are at risk.  The data analysis will also identify the reasons why this is happening and show how the business operations impact on each other, helping to provide a secure plan for future development.