Customer Satisfaction

Do you truly understand the impact that the customer experience has on the customer journey?

Understanding how customers feel about their experience when visiting an airport provides valuable information, highlighting areas of success and areas in need of improvement.

Customer surveys and market research studies provide a valuable insight into gaps that exist between the existing marketplace and the airport’s products and services.  Having access to this information provides airport professionals with useable data that will help them with accurate future planning and decision making, ensuring that profitability is maximised and a competitive position in the marketplace achieved.

The detail of the customer journey is key to understanding the decisions that customers have made in planning their entire journey; from their starting point, their chosen destination and what they paid for their ticket etc.  This provides an insight into any gaps in the process, any areas at risk and also highlights if areas of success are being maximised.  One of the key challenges that airport professionals face is being able to unlock the intelligence that is provided by the many data sets involved in customer surveys and market research; showing the detail that makes up the bigger customer satisfaction picture.

Another dimension to understanding customers is our Social Media monitoring software.  Understanding what is being said on social media and knowing what information is being shared is one challenge; knowing how to integrate this insight with other business critical data to maintain a competitive advantage, is another.  Social Media Analytics creates useful customer intelligence which can be set in context with the rest of the business.