Competitor Analysis

Are you aware of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and how these compare with yours?

To maintain a competitive advantage, airports and airlines need to fully understand how their route networks are operating and have an early recognition of which networks are and are not performing well.  An identification of gaps in operations facilitates accurate and effective future planning, based on data-driven strategies.  By monitoring competitor activity, airlines and airports can proactively manage their own success.

Our Market Share products identify the positioning of both airlines and airports within their market space.  A direct comparison with competitors combined with a detailed insight into the market space that they and their competitors occupy, immediately provides both airport and airline professionals with valuable information for accurate future planning.

Our Competitor Analysis products provide an early recognition of problems, risks and opportunities within the route network operations.  This immediate data analysis can then be used to successfully drive the airport business forward, enabling accurate planning, achieving maximum efficiency and profitability.