Social Media Tracker

Social Media Monitoring

Our Social Media Monitoring Tools can help achieve 360° Business Intelligence, by bringing data in from external media sources and integrating it with internal data sources to create useful and usable customer intelligence that can be used in context with the rest of the business.

Data from social media activity is incredibly valuable to businesses but difficult to attain. The immediacy of these communications demands an immediate response so it is vital that Airports and Airlines have access to social media communications data.

The challenge is not just in collating the valuable insight that comes from this but is also in being able to use and integrate it with other business critical  data to respond, adapt and gain competitive advantages.

  • Understand the conversations people are having about your aviation business online.
  • Integrate social media insight with business critical data.
  • Maintain competitive edge by understanding true opinion of customers and how this impacts their decisions.
  • Creates useful customer intelligence that can be set in context with the rest of the business.


– Recognising gaps and opportunities in the marketplace

– Awareness of competitor activity

– Awareness of customer demand and opinions

– Understanding the customer journey

Social Media Tracker video coming soon.

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Airport Marketing Director
“The Social Media Tracker has enabled us to not only understand what is being said about us on social media but also integrate this data  with the rest of our business data to create valuable insight into how and if this affects how our services are being used.”