Seats and Operations

Schedule Analytics

Schedule Analytics is our tool for analysing the world’s airline seat and operations schedules using latest generation business intelligence technology – QlikView.  It features enhanced mapping functionality and uses modern “In-Memory” technology to provide information at the speed of thought. With Schedule Analytics you can observe trends, examine market shares and monitor competitor activity.

  • Provides easy access to business critical data
  • Provides insight that can be used to avoid potential weaknesses
  • Maximise efficiencies and profitability
  • Provides schedules and fares in a single view
  • Fares with or without taxes and charges
  • Comparisons between carriers, class and route
  • The affect of seasonality on pricing
  • Carrier fare strategy in crowded markets
  • Airport Marketing – New route business cases, performance based airport charges.
  • Airline Revenue Management – Observe market demand and competitive behaviour
  • Aviation Industry Consultants – Airfare benchmarking, route specific business cases
  • Equity Analysts – Forward yield views to inform investment
  • All fields are required


Alison Lily
Business Intelligence drives us towards a better way of thinking, helping us understand the impact of processes and their interdependencies.