Passenger demand

Global Passenger Traffic Data

Global passenger traffic data can provide the aviation analyst with the demand perspective on a true flight line O&D basis. The use of mapping tools provides instant dynamic visualisations of valuable insights. Aviation Analytics can supply and adjust or calibrate traffic bookings data, which will include total passengers by;

  • Full itinerary
  • Class of service
  • Average fare
  • Airline point of sale country
  • Airport of origin.

Aviation Analytics know that the value of bookings data is in the calibration or adjustment that brings it up to a full market estimate. Our Analysts will work closely with you to exchange all available information to make sure your investment in bookings data represents the best calibration possible thereby offering true value for money.

  • Accurately identify risks, weaknesses and opportunities in traffic flow
  • Precise view of total passenger journey
  • Analysis by;
    • Class of service
    • Average fare
    • Airline point of sale country
    • Airport of origin
  • Data sourced with up to three years history
  • Offers monthly time series formats or a consolidated full year view
  • Generation of full market estimates

Airport Analysts – Easily identify trends with the use of mapping tools and showing a concise view of passenger activity

Airport Marketing – Customer Journey insight

Traffic Analytics video coming soon

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Robert Huxford
Robert Huxford
Aviation Analytics helped us consolidate numerous data sources into one system allowing us to provide valuable insight to the airlines that we are trying to attract.