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Fare Analytics

Fare Analytics is a tool for analysing Fares observed from the internet using latest generation business intelligence technology – Qlikview.  It features enhanced mapping functionality and uses modern “In-Memory” technology to provide information at the speed of thought. With Fare Analytics you can observe price trends, fare development curves, revenue and yield estimation, and monitor competitor activity.

  • Available on any route worldwide.
  • Active program management observing fares only when they operate
  • Customised feeds to internal models and Revenue Management Systems
  • Direct and indirect routes using multiple fare classes.
  • Based on latest generation in memory technology providing instant answers.
  • Full featured integrated mapping tool built in.
  • Airport Marketing – New route business cases, performance based airport charges
  • Airline Revenue Management – Observe market demand and competitive behaviour
  • Aviation Industry Consultants – Airfare benchmarking, route specific business cases
  • Equity Analysts – Forward yield views to inform investments

Fare Analytics video coming soon

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Route Planning Heathrow Airport
Thanks to Schedule Analytics, we can answer our questions immediately and view data instantly in any chart style we wish and when the data is updated our customised analysis is maintained. It’s a world apart from spreadsheets and allows us to explore data in ways we never thought possible.