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Aviation Analytics offers the largest and most diverse range of data sets available anywhere in the aviation industry today. Whether you’re looking for world wide  capacity, passenger traffic, fares, route  economics or profitability Aviation Analytics has you covered.  We work with leading  providers to package data  into neat bundles accessible via QlikView, a next generation Business Intelligence tool that’s simple and fun to use.

Our  tools offer :-

  • High quality data from trusted sources.
  • Advanced data visualisations and mapping.
  • Answers to questions at the speed of thought.
  • Saving and sharing data views which are preserved even after updates.
  • One system to learn  for lots of different data types.
  • A range of subscription  and refresh rates.

Take time to browse through information on each individual tool and view demos to see each one in action.

If your used to filling in forms, waiting for downloads and working with spreadsheets you’re in for a pleasant surprise !



Route Planning Heathrow Airport
Thanks to Schedule Analytics, we can answer our questions immediately and view data instantly in any chart style we wish and when the data is updated our customised analysis is maintained. It’s a world apart from spreadsheets and allows us to explore data in ways we never thought possible.