Airport Operations

Airport Operations Business Intelligence

Aviation Analytics provides enterprise business discovery solutions across all aspects of airport operations to enable an integrated view of all key aspects whether at a consolidated corporate, departmental or business process level. This enables powerful insights for all key stakeholders (including passengers, airlines, employees, suppliers, regulatory bodies and shareholders).

Airport Operational Insights:

  • Ramp performance and hot spots identification
  • Transactional Passengers flows through security and passport control (departures & arrivals) and subsequent dwell time profiles.

This provides value to;

  • Security
  • Manpower planning
  • Retail insight teams and partners
  • Identification of operational ‘pinch-points’ including call-to-gate impacts.
  • Surface access and catchment strategy
  • Punctuality analytics and impact on the business processes and customer satisfaction
  • Runway capacity utilisation with NATS and Eurocontrol integration and validations
  • Fleet Analytics
  • Carbon footprint and sustainability trends
  • Shows an integrated view of all key aspects of airport operations
  • Provides powerful insights for both internal and external stakeholders
  • Identifies areas that are under performing
  • Identifies areas that are performing well
  • Highlights how areas of airport operations impact each other
  • Research and Insight Consultant – Exploring airport trends by bringing together operational data sets
  • Airport Analysts – Providing accurate insight for future planning
  • Business Intelligence – providing answers to questions at the speed of thought
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