Airport Commercial

Analysing Retail Sales Data

Alongside aeronautical and car park charges, airport retail is the third most important source of revenue for an airport.

Historically, accurately capturing and analysing sales data from multiple retail systems requires dedicated time and resource to produce accurate and useful results. Retail Analytics removes the need for expensive labour intensive data analysis tasks and enables aviation professionals to accurately track sales and revenue generated through airport retail.

Analysing Carpark Data

Cat Park data is a valuable source of customer insight. Car Park Analytics enables aviation professionals to unlock the hidden value of transactional car park data when combined with demographic profiles, APNR data, catchment segments, operational data and destination markets. By viewing the impact that this has on the airport business as a whole, allows aviation professionals to create powerful insight into the segmentation and profitability of customer behaviour.

Airport Charges Analyser

Designed to provide an estimated cost per passenger with minimal effort, the Airport Charges Analyser breaks through the complexity of airport charges data by providing a break-down of the major cost components associated with operating a particular type of aircraft into a particular airport.

Airport Charges Analyser shows cost per departing passenger, based on user-selected aircraft and load factor, along with a simple cost per turnaround.

  • Understand the impact that commercial activity has on airport profitability
  • Accurately capture data from multiple systems to generate actionable insight
  • Remove the need for expensive labour costs
  • Unveil valuable insights, trends and relationships
  • Unlocking the insight that airport data holds
  • Commercial Director – identify where costs can be reduced.
  • Head of Ecommerce – understand the relationship between financial, operational and economic data.
  • Chief Commercial Officer – reduce the cost and complexity of messaging business information.
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